Guidelines for new Class Rules and changes to existing rules  The NSOA committee is responsible, on behalf of the members, for making recommendations to the RYA for changes and additions to the Class Rules and for placing before the members, motions for changing the Association Rules.  In 2012, the NSOA committee, in accordance with the ‘Objects’ of the Association Rules, discussed its policy for caring for the future of the Squib Class and agreed with the following statement:-  “We believe that we should spend our effort in maintaining the class as a simple, inexpensive boat that provides the greatest inclusion and level racing for the maximum number of sailors”  It also agreed that the whole membership should be made fully aware of any motions to change any rules and the counter arguments for such changes and with this in mind the 2012 NSOA Committee presents here a few questions to prompt discussion before voting on a change to the Class rules.  1. Does it enhance the boat and make it more fun for the majority of sailors?  2. Does it cost more money?  3. Can the average owner make the necessary modifications himself?  4. Does it make the boat more complicated to sail?  5. Does it make the boat easier or safer to sail?  6. Does it make the racing fairer…on open sea, rivers, lakes; for light or heavy crew; for old or new boats?  7. Is it in the spirit of one-design racing?  Nothing in the forgoing changes the right of members to propose a motion at a General Meeting, in accordance with the Association Rules. 
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