Buying a cheap squib?  A guideline response to a newcomer asking for advice  You can spend little or lots of money on the wrong squib… there are few wrong Squibs … but I have had 300 plus of them in my garage and the questions would be:   how much is your budget  how capable are you on renovations  how long have you got  have you got a good workshop  which boats have caught your eye  do you want to race it successfully   Come back to me—I’ll advise-- you can buy what appears to be a cheap boat—but if you want to race it it might end up very expensive .. the following is my checklist:   hull  deck  rubbing strakes  floors- Internal woodwork  fittings and systems  mainsheet track / horse /traveller  tanks  rudder  sails  mast  rig  boom  pump system  ropes /sheets / anchor  TRAILER !!!!!!  Ask the seller to deliver the boat….you’ll soon find out if the trailer is roadworthy !!!!  Contact me for more guidance - Tony Saltonstall  email: 
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