In-House Certification 

This is an International Scheme, operated in the UK by the RYA on behalf of World Sailing.  
Being able to buy race-ready equipment makes enormous sense. There will be no excuse for ‘unmeasured’ kit. Compliance checking at events will become simpler, more thorough, more traceable. 
Most racing classes require the boat to be measured and certified. This happens most obviously when a boat is new and the measurement certificate is first issued. However, the need for certification also applies to certain items of replacement equipment, most typically the sails. This is true of tehr Squib Class. 
IHC ‘measurement’ certification is a direct equivalent to emplying an external RYA measurer to measure and sign the equipment.  
However, IHC gives some real added benefits: 
Gone is the often time-costly trek to find a class measurer. 
Gone is measuring lovely new sails on a wet lawn or grubby clubhouse floor. 
Gone is the temptation for some misguided souls to sign their own sails. 
Gone is the measurer ‘doing it for the club’ but maybe not doing it too well. 
IHC ensures compliance with the regulations and is a key element in the drive towards fewer, better trained measurers making a real contribution to making our brilliant Class racing fairer and simpler to take part in. 
Every Olympic Class is currently embracing IHC, together with several other International Classes. In the UK a number of forward-thinking National Classes are already in the scheme. Others are joining as and when their Class Rules are approved as IHC compliant. 
Every Class involved with IHC : 
a) Must have its Class Rules written in the World Sailing Standard Class Rules format, 
b) The Class Rules must use the World Saililng Equipment Rules of Sailing to define the measurements, 
c) The Class Rules must specifically allow certification by IHC-licensed Manufacturers. 
Every manufacturer licensed to use IHC: 
a) Must nominate staff members who are trained to an World Sailing standard, based on the Equipment Rules of Sailing. 
b) These staff members are responsible for operating IHC for that company. 
c) The company is contracted to apply agreed processes, checks and records, all of which are documented and ‘signed off’ by the manufacturer and the controlling authority (in the UK this is the RYA). 
d) Is subject to regular external audit of the certification system. 
Once a manufacturer is IHC approved, that company can apply IHC to any Class that has approval to use the scheme. 
In the UK these are: 
International & UK National Classes 
Mirror, Solo 
29er, Swallow 
420, Squib 
470, Albacore 
49er, Sonata 
Hobie16, Scorpion 
Finn, Merlin Rocket 
Tornado, Redwing 
Yngling, Hornet 
Hobie Tiger 
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